Thursday, April 28, 2016

This Isn’t Even Normal Gun-Grabber Ignorance

I have no idea what to make of this. The Huffington Post is arguing that Americans have no legal right to shoot a violent attacker because it violates the criminal's right to a fair trial. I feel confident in saying this is by far the dumbest attempt to subvert our gun ownership rights ever and that’s saying a lot considering how insanely stupid gun grabbers are.
Justin Curmi is a dyslexic guy with a degree in philosophy. According to his bio he is, “A blogger that seeks to engage people in thought and conversation through presenting new views to matters, new or old.” Writing for The HuffPo, he presented one hell of a view concerning our right to not be murdered by a maniac killer.
Oddly enough, this thing starts out very un-HuffPosty by acknowledging that the 2nd Amendment does protect private gun ownership:
"The Second Amendment is highly contested. There is no doubt that people do have the right to carry and have a stockpile of guns (“the right of the people to keep and bear arms”) and a state has the right to organize a well-regulated Militia. But, the main issue is on the right to self-defend with a firearm."
It’s still worded sarcastically, but that does seem like the author reluctantly agrees with the people’s right to keep and bear arms. Now here is where things become unhinged:
"The main problem with the notion of self-defense is it imposes on justice, for everyone has the right for a fair trial. Therefore, using a firearm to defend oneself is not legal because if the attacker is killed, he or she is devoid of his or her rights."
And if you thought that was idiotic, check out the other reasons why the author thinks we can’t use guns in self-defense: - READ MORE


The journalist Glenn Greenwald once wrote that “American political culture quickly and always outpaces any attempt to satirize it.” He was right, and that was even before the 2016 election circus rolled into town.

To the Nation of Canada....

Dear Canada,
If Trump is elected and you do not take these miserable celebrities off our hands, it may be considered an official declaration of war.
Fair warning.
[via Red Blooded American]
P.S. Watch out for that Sharpton guy. He's bad about paying his taxes.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

A Veiw From the Cheap Seats

Bernie's Toast
After Madam Cankles has seemingly coughed and barked her way to the lead and ready to mount the Democrat Party Mantle and hump it all the way to the White House, Bernie Sanders is basically toast......

Sanders is planning to lay off “hundreds” of
campaign staffers across the country 
"After Tuesdays drubbing in the latest round of Democratic party primaries, the great Bernie Sanders socialist revolution is officially on life support. Following a comment from Democrat Senate capo Harry Reid that there was no path to the nomination for Sanders, the pressure is going to be turned up on the old goat to give up the ghost and drop out of the race.
It’s quite clear that the sell by date for the Sanders campaign has now passed and after losing all of the votes last night with the exception of Rhode Island the fat lady is now humming as she gets closer to bursting into song. 
The increasingly desperate codger is grasping at anything to save him as he gets slowly sucked under by the quicksand of history, like floating the idea of recruiting progressive heroine Elizabeth Warren as his running mate."- (READ MORE)
Reports today say Bernie is ready to lay off hundreds of campaign staff. As the old hunting saying goes: it’s time to call in the dogs and piss on the fire, Bernie

Trump Gets All Foreign Policy and Stuff
Dressed with the trappings of gravitas, Trumps Foreign Policy speech was held at the stately Mayflower Hotel (after a last-minute location change blamed on “overwhelming interest” - from the media) and was presided over by Zalmay Khalilzad, a former U.S. ambassador to Afghanistan and Iraq. 
Gaul is supposed to be a big deal, but it’s
nothing. Very disappointing. Terrible hotels. 

Trump used a teleprompter despite the fact that he has mercilessly mocked his rivals for doing the same, saying at one point: “If you’re running for president you shouldn’t be allowed to use a teleprompter.”

I read the text of Trumps Speech. (I did liked the complete sentences) But all in all, it was a bunch of lines from other Trump speeches forced into an outline by some poor speech writer.  I learned nothing new, except that when a text of his usual blather is shoved in front of him, he can deliver it with only minimal digressions into calling things "great", "wonderful" and "tremendous". And by some miracle, the only wall he mentioned was the Berlin one. (really no need, this was not a rally of rabid supporters to lather up) But Trump did give an indication of believing what he was saying. The Big Question left is whether Trump is too big of a flake to live up to executing his own speech once in office.

Get ready to start hearing from the media about how presidential he is, at least until the next rally where he pulls down his pants, waves his dick around, and the crap gets beat out of someone.

Clinton Campaign Unveils New Slogan, Readies to Take on 'The Donald'

With Donald Trump's pronouncement he is the Republican "Presumptive Nominee"
and Bernie Sanders basically toast,  Her Majesty readies to battle the Barbarian. 

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Tennessee Pokes a Finger in the Eye of Political Correctness

Looks like the Tennessee Legislature has suddenly grown a pair, and has struck a blow against PC on behalf of the citizens of the state. First  they cut taxes in a big way, then passed a bill that will allow the faculty of the University of Tennessee to carry weapons on campus. And then then went on to defunded the University of Tennessee's “Office of Diversity”. 
Thursday, lawmakers voted on a final version of the bill to defund the UT Office of Diversity and Inclusion. A conference committee finalized a version of the bill that defunds the office for one year. The more than $430,000 will instead fund scholarships for minority engineering students.
And the response from some of the faculty and UT snowflakes was as expected.
This bill caused an uproar at UT Knoxville, with thousands of students and professors walking out of class earlier this week. 
The bill's sponsor says the legislation was in response to diversity office programming like sex week and suggestions that students use non-gender specific pronouns and not mention or observe anything religious when celebrating winter holidays.
"This legislation is a warning shot across the bough to the administration at UT," said bill sponsor Rep. Micah Van Huss.  In some ways we could have done a whole lot more with this legislation." He warned if the UT office did not "get its act together" he would bring similar legislation in the future....."
This all comes on the heels of the university, beginning in the fall semester, revamping charging for faculty and staff parking through a tiered, equitable pay structure. The new employee parking payment structure has four cost levels and is based on an employee’s annual compensation.

No word yet whether the White Male faculty members will be charged an extra "Sir Charge" in the name of gender equality. 

[Channel 5 Nashville]

Monday, April 25, 2016

In Memory of Ol' Blackie

I raised Blackie from a puppy. He wasn't the smartest dog to ever walk the earth. He did a lot of stupid things in his life, like inviting himself to join the cat in a bowl of fresh tuna, drinking out of the toilet, chasing the mailman and attempting to lick honey from the neighborhood beekeeper's hives. One day I took Blackie to the zoo. Blackie would have been 10 Years old today. 

A Good Monday Morning

Saturday, April 23, 2016

The Mysterious White House Photo-Bomber Follows The Obamas To Britain

Prince Phil and Queen Liz II Greet the Obamas on Arrival at Their Crib at Windsor Castle 

Barack and British Prime Minister David Cameron Seen Here Puttin' Around

Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards Asks to be Impeached

This is government by hostage taking like in the bad ol’ days of Edwin Edwards.
The only way John Bel Edwards will release the hostages is if he gets more tax increases.

Governor John Bel Edwards, who campaigned to fix the state budget problems with cuts, not by raising taxes on an already high taxed citizenry, spoke to the the citizens of Louisiana Thursday night. In his twelve plus minute speech, the Governor addressed the state's budget deficit of nearly $1 billion dollars…and he told Louisianans it's worse than he thought. (even though he had sat in the Louisiana House of Reps from 2008, and as minority leader since 2012 where he voted for deficit spending)  So now he targets Health and Higher Education for cuts.

On the day he stopped TOPS funding for state college students, Edwards spoke in dire terms:
“I will also tell you about cuts we are facing that, without your support to fix, will close down higher education institutions all across our state."
Then he he pull out all the stops and jumped with all fours squarely onto the third rail of Louisiana politics while measuring his neck for a noose by saying the cash crisis even threatens the upcoming LSU football season and more:
“…the LSU main campus in Baton Rouge will run out of money after April 30th, as will the LSU Health Sciences Center in Shreveport. There is no money left for payroll after those dates.”
Governor Edwards vetoed a bill passed by the legislature in the special session that would've cut the budgets of five state boards and save millions. Beholding to unions, he has yet to propose cuts in a bloated state employee staff, or outside consultants. (Thanks Boobie Jindal)

He tried this emotional terrorism last month when he threaten to cut a program in Louisiana that helps parents of special needs children with housing, transportation, healthcare, and other essentials. The program is a valuable tool for families truly in need of assistance when developmental disabilities can take up so much of a parent’s time and resources. And, Edwards, had threatened to cut those services if the legislature didn't raise taxes. 

They Did.

After passing a 28 page bill, the state now virtually taxes everything. Besides raising sin taxes on alcohol and cigarettes, new taxes include things like your membership fees and dues to civic organizations like the American Legion, YMCA, Daughters of the Confederacy, Daughters of the American Revolution, local historical societies, concert tickets and Opera and Symphony memberships. But that's still not enough for John Bel.

But ya don't have to pay taxes on your food stamp purchases!

By threatening to turn off the dialysis machines at Charity Hospital and canceling the most anticipated LSU's Football season in years, the good governor has pulled the noose a little tighter. And we aren't very picky which lamp post he'll swing from.  

[KEEL 710AM]
[And So It Goes In Shreveport]
[image via The]

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Finally: Something Moochell Obama and I Agree On.

She Doesn't Like Seeing Herself On TV

The famously self-confident first lady admitted she avoids watching herself on TV –
“because it’s kind of uncomfortable … Like oh, I don’t like the way I looked. 
excerpts from DownTrend

The last time we heard from Michelle Obama she was bragging about how sexy she thought she was. In a stunning reversal, the First Lady now says she feels uncomfortable looking at herself on TV, indicating that maybe she doesn’t think she’s terribly attractive. 

Join the club Mo! It only took you seven and half years, but you finally realized that you're unpleasant to the eyes and ears of all Americans.
“My bottom teeth stick out a little bit. And if I had had braces, they would be fixed by now. So for all of you who don’t like your braces, you will appreciate it when you’re my age.”
Man, she is way off on what makes her so hard to look at. It ain’t her bottom teeth, though they are kind of funky, but rather the whole package.

However, as soon as her semi-honest assessment arrived, it disappeared into the classic Obama lack of self-awareness. She was asked what her plans are when she and her husband mercifully leave the White House:
“Sometimes I like to travel when I’m not too tired, and you know what, the president and I, we might just take a vacation … we might just do nothing for a second.”
Traveling, taking vacations, and doing nothing on the taxpayer’s dime is all the Obamas have done since they got to Washington. How is it even possible to do less than what the Obamas have done, or more correctly not done? Plus, it’s going to be a lot harder to vacay when the American people aren’t footing the bill. A community organizer’s salary doesn’t pay for five-star accommodations.

From a privileged black family, she has no idea what the real world is like. Living it up on our tax dollars, Moochell is having a great time traveling the world in luxury while we watch our standard of living decline. And with the size of that ass she has never missed a meal no doubt.

First, her skin color kept her back, then her gender was a hurdle to cross, and her sex appeal almost stood between her and success.  

Butt Michelle has finally realized what the rest of us have known along:  She's Monkey Butt Ugly. Hopefully she finally shows some respect to the country and keeps her ugly mug and her clown wardrobe off of TV for the remainder of her husband’s final days in office.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

WaPo: U.S. Allies Can't Wait for Obama to be Gone

Cain TV:
If you can think back this far, the U.S. populace was down on George W. Bush this time eight years ago in part because he supposedly had alienated our allies by being a go-it-alone cowboy. The remedy for this was to elect the cool guy who gave speeches about how we all have to listen to each other and all that sort of thing.
We did find out, did we not, that there is a huge difference between saying something in a speech and actually doing it? Today America's allies would surely love to have Bush back, since despite what you heard from the media, he did not insult them nor did he disregard their concerns. 
As the Washington Post of all sources reports in devastating detail, it's Barack Obama who does all that:
Even before he became president, Obama introduced himself to the world as a multilateralist who aimed to solve the thorny problems of the 21st century collaboratively. “True partnership and true progress . . . require allies who will listen to each other, learn from each other and, most of all, trust each other,” Obama told adoring crowds in Berlin in 2008.
He followed up that speech one year later in Cairo by quoting verses from the Koran, acknowledging America’s mistakes and calling for a new partnership with the Muslim world “based upon mutual interest and mutual respect.”
Seven years later, the soaring, optimistic language of those early speeches has long since been subsumed by the messy reality of war and diplomacy. Obama has not been able to forge a close rapport with many world leaders.
The president’s cold-eyed view was apparent last year after the attack on the Charlie Hebdo satirical weekly by two militant gunmen. World leaders from Germany, France and Britain marched through the streets of Paris with longtime adversaries such as the Israeli prime minister and the head of the Palestinian Authority. No senior official from the United States marched with the European leaders, prompting a rare apology from the White House.
“I’ve never heard that Obama has a personal relationship with any of them,” said Xenia Wickett, head of the Americas program at the London-based think tank Chatham House. “It is neither hot nor cold. There is no personal relationship.”
For Britons especially, that’s a break from a long history of starry-eyed relationships between leaders across the Atlantic. Roosevelt and Churchill. Reagan and Thatcher. Bush and Blair. Obama, the mixed-race child of a single mother, and Cameron, a stockbroker’s son with royal lineage, have never had the same kind of personal chemistry. -
For all his campaign talk about reaching out with an open hand, blah blah blah, he knows he gets no political benefit when he makes the concerns of our allies a priority. Also, he genuinely doesn't care about them. 
Americans might want to take that into account when they pick the next president. It's not about how well a candidate says things, nor is it about how much you didn't like the last guy. It's about a candidate's demonstrated and proven priorities. Obama's priority is himself. Don't pick a new president whose obvious priority is and always has been herself.