Saturday, July 4, 2015

I just witnessed one of the Funniest Things I've seen in a long long time.....

Driving home earlier, my route took me downtown pass the Caddo Parish Court House where the infamous Confederate Memorial Statue has stood since 1902. Beneath the statue were gathered a group of feral black youth and a few young children, many dressed in the red, black and green colors of the African flag, some in what looked like Che t-shirts.

Jumping around and very animated, they were gathered in a circle with 4 or 5 at a time trying to set fire to a sopping wet confederate battle flag...... while stand in rain shower!

I watched with laughter as small groups lit they cigarette lighters and held them to the flag until they were to hot to hold, drop them and painfully wave their hands in the air.  For 15 minutes or so I watched this demonstration of amazing futile stupidity from a distance until my passenger and I couldn't control our laughter any longer and feared the same might happen with our bladders..... 

I'm starting to believe there  really is such a thing as Devolution. 

Original Version of The Declaration of Independence Discovered

And this explains a lot:

NOTE: In 1770, the average per capita intake of distilled spirits (whiskey, rum, gin and brandy) was 3.4 gallons; by 1830, the per capita intake exceeded 5 gallons.

After some thought, the framers of the original 
document put down the Ale mugs and all
agreed to a rewrite, and be a little more diplomatically
thorough in telling King George to kiss their asses. 

Along with the U.S. Constitution, the rewritten Declaration 
has pretty much been ignored in modern times.

Happy Independence Day!

As we celebrate the 239th anniversary of this great experiment we call America, we must not lose sight of the reasoning nor the intentions of the daring and courageous men who gave birth,  guided by the wisdom of our creator, to what has become the greatest nation ever created.  
Happy Birthday America!

Friday, July 3, 2015


The PC Nazis at facebook have decided my personal page, an extension of the Diogenes' Middle Finger Blog and it's Satirical Middle Finger News Service, a page 6 years old but no longer worthy of the facebook's political correct climate, have taken the page down.  According to them, I was reported as "Bullying and Hateful, and are in violation of unspecified "Terms of Agreement". Below is the Image and link to the original post on this this blog that was linked to facebbook and was sighted as an example of my transgressions reported:

Deray McKesson is a paid civil agitator, race baiter, spokesman for #blacklivesmatter and a PUBLIC FIGURE. Thus, he places himself in the line of fire of satirist. 

Facebook is full of images and pages of devoted America haters, hate filled screeds against people of faith, the political conservative and patriotic Americans. But I'm reported and banded for supposed bullying and being hateful, by satirizing a domestic terrorist?  

From Facebook TOA: 

Bullying and Harassment:How we respond to bullying and harassment:

"We don’t tolerate bullying or harassment. We allow you to speak freely on matters and people of public interest, but remove content that appears to purposefully target private individuals with the intention of degrading or shaming them. This content includes, but is not limited to: 

Pages that identify and shame private individuals,

Images altered to degrade private individuals,
Photos or videos of physical bullying posted to shame the victim,
Sharing personal information to blackmail or harass people, and
Repeatedly targeting other people with unwanted friend requests or messages.

We define private individuals as people who have neither gained news attention nor the interest of the public, by way of their actions or public profession."

They contradict their own TOA!

In addition, they refuse any further comment until I verify my identity as Diogenes Sarcastica and present them with some official documentation as proof it's my real name. 

Do these people think I'm stupid! 

The Leftist Circle Jerk Media Explains Why It Was Bad and Unnecessary.....

"3 reasons the American Revolution Was a Mistake"

Just in time for the 4th of July, the Left is showing its true colors, and they are not red, white or blue. As the Left attempts to degrade and strip history away from American public spaces, libraries and museums, they are now coming out against the American Revolution altogether. 

In a new article by Vox, liberal writer Dylan Matthews explains three reasons why the American Revolution was a mistake. Here, we are going to give you a glimpse into the mind of the contemporary liberal, where the American Revolution is seen as a problem, but Che Guevara is an icon.

Vox’s first argument against the American Revolution is that abolition would have come faster without American independence. Here’s what Matthews writes:
The main reason the revolution was a mistake is that the British Empire, in all likelihood, would have abolished slavery earlier than the US did, and with less bloodshed.
Abolition in most of the British empire occurred in 1834, following the passage of theSlavery Abolition Act. That left out India, but slavery was banned there too in 1843. In England itself, slavery was illegal at least going back to 1772. That’s decades earlier than the United States.
This alone is enough to make the case against the revolution. Decades less slavery is a massive humanitarian gain that almost certainly dominates whatever gains came to the colonists from independence.
The second point Matthews makes is that the American Revolution was bad for Native Americans. But, religious persecution in Britain was apparently no big deal. Here’s an excerpt:

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Obama Plans for Busy Independence Day Weekend

Dumpin' Trump and Keepin' Rev. AL

Today, Jeff Lord of the American Spectator sorts out the sorry details of how NBC dumped Donald Trump, but is more than happy to keep Al Sharpton at MSNBC.

Never Ever Trust a Politician Who Wears
Socks With Sandals
It would appear that New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, will follow suit as he has ordered a review of the city’s contracts with Trump.

The Mayor proclaimed, “Donald Trump’s remarks were disgusting and offensive, and this hateful language has no place in our city. Trump’s comments do not represent the values of inclusion and openness that define us as New Yorkers.” 

All of which leads to these questions:

Does de Blasio consider Sharpton’s false accusations of rape against former Assistant District Attorney Steven Pagones to be disgusting and offensive?  Does de Blasio also consider Sharpton’s description of Jews as “diamond merchants” and “white interlopers,” the latter of which he defended as recently as last year, to be disgusting and offensive?

In both instances, Sharpton’s remarks led to riots in the Crown Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn and the fire at Freddy’s Fashion Mart in Harlem resulting in the deaths of 10 people. Do those acts of violence represent the values of inclusion and openness that define New Yorkers?

Does de Blasio consider Sharpton’s use of the term “homos” unrepresentative of the values of inclusion and openness that defines New Yorkers?

Look, I think Trump sometimes comes across as a bit of a buffoon. But his words have never led to anyone being killed much less been convicted of libel. As some have argued,  
Sharpton should have been shunned from polite society decades agoInstead, Sharpton is coddled by the media, the Mayor of New York and President Obama while Trump is now being shunned for far lesser offenses.

Hillary Could Soon Start to Feel The Bern

Senator Bernie Sanders rode his unicorn into Scott Walker country Wednesday and spoke to a record crowd at a rally in Madison, Wisconsin, drawing nearly 10,000 people to yet another packed event. It's just the latest huge crowd for Sanders, who has been polling surprisingly well against Hillary Clinton in Iowa and in New Hampshire.

GOP Billboards Welcoming Sanders and His Leftist Circus to Scott Walker Country

Sanders is campaigning to be the next Barack Obama and finish the job he started of bring the backward US within shouting distance of the rest of Socialist Western Civilization (you know, the one that's crumbling before our eyes). Sanders believes we need paid family leave (12 weeks for moms and their sperm donors) plus two weeks paid vacation for all. Tuition free at state universities, a trillion dollar infrastructure jobs program, and redistribution of wealth taken from working families and middle class by the evil capitalist machine.
Yeah, Old Bernie could cut deep into the Democrat voter base of "gimme sumpthin for free" and cause Hillary to feel some serious Bern between her bare chested lady parts soon, if he keeps the ball rollin'....

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Oh The Irony: The Left’s War Against Bobby Jindal

"The incredible irony is that the Left spends a great amount of time and energy dictating to others how they should treat people who wish to experience their own self-determination."

The Hayride
On Tuesday, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal conducted a Twitter forum, where he answered user-submitted questions about his presidential bid. A quick scan of the hash-tag #AskBobby yields a bevy of tweets that mention his birth name, Piyush, in an unambiguously derogatory way. One user even posted an image of Jindal’s certificate of live birth, which he released four years ago, and asked, “Why does it say Piyush on your birth certificate?”
As a Louisianan, I’m not unfamiliar with this particular obsession of Jindal’s critics. For years, Democrats in the Pelican State have sneeringly referred to him by his birth name, practically nullifying any legitimate criticisms they might have about his politics or his policies.
They've long claimed that Jindal’s name change was meant to “whitewash” his Indian heritage to achieve political success in a conservative state like Louisiana (never mind, of course, that the Pelican State has an extensive history of ethnic and religious diversity among its people and, consequently, its elected officials). As badly as the Left wishes this were true, it simply isn’t. Jindal’s name change occurred long before he embarked upon his inarguably meteoric political career (as did his conversion to Catholicism, another facet of his life that the Left erroneously contends was politically-motivated).
Inspired by the popular 1970s television show “The Brady Bunch,” Piyush Jindal changed his name to “Bobby,” after the youngest Brady boy, when he was just 4 years old. This is not unusual for an immigrant or even the child of immigrants. For centuries, many of those who have come to this country have taken more typical Western names – by default, like at Ellis Island, or by choice, in efforts to assume the culture of a new home.
Today, it’s more of the latter than the former (thanks to better record keeping), and it should be up to the individual to determine the name he is called. Good manners necessitates that we honor whatever he chooses.
Jindal is not afforded such dignity by his detractors or the media. They analyze just how Indian he really is, whine that he’s using his race to become powerful (or is it that he hides from it?) and call him Piyush when they complain about his views that they find contemptible.
A child who was born four months after his parents immigrated to America deciding for himself that he’d like to be called something else – makes Jindal a sellout

Since 25% of Americans Identify as Liberal Democrats, This Could Be Good News

Survey says: 35 percent of Americans would expatriate
"As the Fourth of July weekend looms and Americans prep their grills and ready their fireworks, some citizens are packing their bags.
A recent online poll of more than 2,000 adults by TransferWise, a peer-to-peer money transfer service based in the United Kingdom, revealed that 35 percent of American-born residents and emigrants would consider leaving the United States to live in another country.
This percentage greatly increases for those age 18 to 34. More than half of millennials, a whopping 55 percent, said that they would consider leaving the U.S. for foreign shores. Among them, 43 percent of men and 38 percent of women noted that a higher salary would be a factor in their relocation decision....".
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The Prospect of Joe Biden Running for President in 2016:

"In a lot of ways, Biden would be the true anti-Hillary. He is completely uninhibited, he is impossible to script -- which makes him seem authentic -- and he has a human appeal that everyone can relate to. Clinton, on the other hand, is running a surreal campaign that avoids crowds, media and spontaneity of any kind. She is protecting her lead in the most standard, unimaginative way possible. 
Compared with Clinton's robotic, stiff approach, could having a reputation for occasionally saying the wrong thing and hugging too much work to Biden's advantage in an era where voters want the real thing? ...
 "Maybe this is Biden's moment." — Ed Rogers, Washington Post Contributor

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Has Joe Biden Begun Raising Cash for WH Run??

"The newest indication that the vice president could jump into the race comes from a Wall Street Journal report, which cites friends and advisers who say Biden, 72, received encouragement to do so from sons Beau and Hunter. Thousands of others have also signaled their support for a White House bid by the vice president. Draft Biden 2016, a super PAC that is laying the groundwork for a potential campaign in early voting states, has gathered more than 90,000 signatures to support that effort."
All We Can Say Is "Run Joe Run"! We can use the material!