Tuesday, September 23, 2014

If the Obama Administration was a Football Team....

Go get em Guys!!

Nutjob RFK is Again Calling For Imprisonment of Climate Skeptics and CEO's

The folks at the Climate Depot have uncovered video where Robert F. Kennedy Junior said he wants to imprison his political opponents, put energy CEOs and the Koch brothers in prison for “treason” and “reckless endangerment.”

As typical of most liberals, silencing the opposition – whether by imprisoning them or shouting them down – is all too common.

This isn’t the first time the vocally-challenged activist has called for sending political opponents to prison. In 2007, he said climate skeptics were “traitors” and should be treated as such and in 2009, he said coal company CEOs should be “in jail for all of eternity.”

Syria Is 7th Country Bombed By Nobel Peace Prize Winner

Afghanistan,Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, Libya, Iraq and Syria

I saw a car plastered with lefty bumper stickers the other day at the grocery store. There were multiple Obama stickers and multiple stickers with slogans of peace.

At this point doesn’t one remove one or the other?

Monday, September 22, 2014

Bombs Away.....

Joe Goes to War With Ebola

via MFNS War Correspondent  Earl of Taint

Gabby Giffords Shoots Self in Foot With Attack Ad

Smear of Pro-Gun Candidate Backfires 

by Robert Janicki
A person is shot and killed by a criminal, who was illegally in possession of a gun.  What happens next?  It's as certain as the sun rising in the east tomorrow, the next day and forevermore.
Liberals will cry out for more gun controls on law abiding gun buyers and owners.  They figuratively wave the bloody shirt of the victim/s and loudly proclaim that all who oppose further gun control are somehow knuckle dragging Neanderthals responsible for a criminal's use of an already illegally acquired gun.  It's the same crap just warmed over every time a gun is used illegally.  Somehow, liberals believe that such ridiculous logic will actually sway people to demand more gun control and they may be right, considering they are appealing to the cognitively challenged, not to mention all the illegally registered voters they have signed up.
Here's the latest liberal smear of a Republican congressional candidate in Arizona that went very badly for liberals.
"On September 17 ... Americans for Responsible Solutions (ARS)--the gun control group founded by Gabby Giffords and Mark Kelly--was running an ad attacking GOP Congressional candidate Martha McSally for defending the Second Amendment..." (breitbart)
Guess what tactic Giffords used to attack Martha McSally.  You got it.  Bring out the figurative bloody shirts of the two victims and try to paint McSally as the cause for the victim's death, because McSally doesn't support radical reactionary gun control over law-abiding gun owners.  Here's what happened to Giffords shameless smear of McSally.  Hint: a major backfire and blowback on Giffords.
"On September 19 the Arizona Republic condemned the ad, saying it "waves the bloody shirt" by taking "the tragic death of two innocents" and trying to lay them at McSally's feet. The Republic says the ad's "base and vile" approach is hurting Giffords' image while leaving McSally untouched.
The Republic says the ad is "more than Hardball politics," it's the "[exploitation] of a family's tragedy to score cheap political points...." (breitbart)
The blowback on Giffords and Representative Ron Barber, the Democrat that Giffords supports, could not have been more deserved.  With talent like this, Giffords needs to go out and support more Democrats with her warped view on further gun control and diminishing the 2nd Amendment and the individual's right to own firearms. .

A Good Monday Morning

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Kim Jong Un Says United Nations Criticism a Homo Plot

North Korea says criticism of its human rights record is a gay conspiracy, and that the lead author of a UN report is a "disgusting old gay lecher"

Kim Jong # Un
North Korea has responded to a recent report on its human rights record by describing it is a gay plot, adding that gays do not exist in the secretive communist country.

Rights activists say that in a perverse sense there could be said to be a certain truth to the last part of that statement, at least in so far as anyone accused of being gay is always found guilty -- the secret police does not arrest innocent people, North Korea says -- and then shot.

 Last week, North Korea issued a 53,000 word "rebuttal" to a 2014 UN report accusing the regime of "unspeakable" atrocities.

Overall, North Korea is estimated by the Black Book of Communism of having killed 2 million people since its inception.

There have been no demonstrations in Western capitals by gay rights groups over the remarks. Nor have there been any significant rallies or demonstrations against North Korea's rights record generally.

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Friday, September 19, 2014

Middle Finger Symphony Theater

* No Tuxedos Required *

Biden Praises Lecherous Former Senator at Womens Event

Joe Biden....What can we say that hasn't already been said of the man who's mouth regularly outruns it's supply lines. It's as if he's sent out into the public plugged into a data base of stupidity.  Setting aside reality for just a millisecond, one can just imagine the wealth of satirical quotes and agitprop he has inspired over these last 6 years could actually be the real smokin' Joe. 

........and the train keeps a rollin':

Red Alert
"On Friday, Biden spoke at a Democratic Women’s Conference where he reminisced about past Republicans who were willing to work across the aisle, like former Oregon Senator Bob Packwood — the same Bob Packwood who resigned in disgrace after allegations of sexual harassment.
He wasn't joking, but one almost wishes he were. Packwood is far from being a golden example of statesmanship. The Senate ethics committee voted unanimously to recommend his expulsion in 1995, after 10 women accused him of unwanted sexual harassment....."
I have come to the conclusion that the joke Biden is really Barack Obama's insurance policy is actually the truth. He's like someone who's nice to the kids when he visits, but not someone you'd trust to babysit them. 

Obama's Year of Action:

"President Obama's 'Year of Action' has turned into a Year of Fear. The country seems mired in dread. And that could have mortal consequences for midterm Democrats.   The White House is afraid. Democrats are afraid.
"New polls out this week betray a rattled public, one that is jittery about war, security, and the economy -- and one that is increasingly looking to the GOP, not the party in power. Even as the White House has sought to reassure Americans that the campaign in Iraq will be limited, that the president isn't going to act alone on immigration in the near future, and that the economy is doing better, the damage appears to be done.
 "Obama and his aides have been caught between messages: that the country wasn't going to war, until it was (sort of). That the president couldn't act on immigration, until he could, until he wouldn't (yet). That the economy had turned the corner, but not quite. (Wait.)" James Oliphant, National Journal
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